The FAMUR Group

About us


About us

The FAMUR Group stands for over a hundred years of experience and advanced engineering know-how which contribute to increasing the efficiency and safety of our customers’ solutions. We develop high-performance and reliable machines and equipment, primarily for the mining industry, but also for the transport, handling and power industries, because the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.

FAMUR brand products are based on well-proven and intuitive solutions, which allows us to complete the most complex jobs worldwide. Our specialised plants in Poland develop longwall systems, roadheading systems, underground and surface transport systems, open-pit mining machines as well as equipment for mass transport and material handling.

Custom and comprehensive offering

Thanks to our broad range and well tailored offering we can meet our customers’ needs and provide your mine with a complete mining system, your power plant with a turnkey coal handling system and your port with specialised cargo handling equipment. We design and deliver IT systems for managing the mining of minerals. Thanks to cutting-edge diagnostics and monitoring we provide optimal operational monitoring and maintenance service for individual machines, supporting our customers 24 hours a day. We also offer solutions to facilitate the financing of capital expenditure projects and assistance in the process of its implementation.

Global coverage

Through continuous development we increase our presence on international markets. FAMUR’s machines and technologies are well known in many mines, ports and industrial plants on five continents. Our companies in Russia, Kazakhstan, India and Germany guarantee ongoing fast-response service wherever our customers expect it. We constantly improve the quality of our service and reach new places where our customers need reliable mining and industrial systems.

Group’s structure

The FAMUR Group owns to TDJ SA Currently, the Group consists of 31 companies and 5 production plants. In its structure there are about 3,000 employees.

Companies owned by the FAMUR Group

  Company Headquarters Primary activity 
1 FAMUR SA Katowice, Poland Manufacture of mining machinery and equipment
2 FAMAK SA Kluczbork, Poland Manufacture of reloading systems
3 BPiRI SEPARATOR sp. z o.o.** Katowice, Poland Design studio
4 FUGO II sp. z o.o. Konin, Poland Engineering services and related technical consulting services
5 FUGO sp. z o.o. in liquidation  Konin, Poland Manufacture of machines and equipment
6 PEMUG sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
7 Biuro Projektowe Biprocemwap sp. z o.o. Cracow, Poland Engineering and technical consultancy
8 FAMAK INDIA Private Limited India, New Dehli International trade
9 POLSKIE MASZYNY GÓRNICZE SA Katowice, Poland International trade
10 FAMUR FINANCE sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland Holding companies
11 FAMUR INVEST sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland Business consultancy activities
12 FAMUR INSTITUTE sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland Reaseach and development
13 MINING EQUIPMENT FINANCE sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland Financial services
14 OOO FAMUR ROSJA Novokuznetsk, Russia Service activities
15 DAMS GmbH Velbert, Germany Manufacture of controls; power hydraulics
16 TOO FAMUR KAZACHSTAN Karaganda, Kazakhstan Refurbishment of mining equipment
17 PRIMETECH SA Katowice, Poland Mining services
18 HANSEN SICHERHEITSTECHNIK AG Munich, Germany Manufacture of electrical apparatus, holding companies activities
19 KOPEX AFRICA PTY LTD Benoni, RPA Manufacture of electrical apparatus
20 HANSEN AND GENWEST PTY Ltd Benoni, RPA Manufacture of electrical apparatus
21 AIR RELIANT PTY LTD Benoni, RPA Manufacture and service of compressors
22 ELGÓR+HANSEN SA Chorzów, Poland Manufacture of electrical apparatus
23 EX-COAL sp. z o.o. Przeciszów, Poland Designing and consulting activity
24 FAMUR FINANCE&RESTRUCTURING sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland Consulting services
25 ŚTW DALBIS Sp. z o.o.*** Tarnowskie Góry, Poland Drilling services
26 Taian Famur Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Tai’an, China Service activities; international trade
27 PT. KOPEX MINING CONTRACTORS Jakarta, Indonesia Services for mining industry
28 KOPEX MIN DOO Nis, Serbia Manufacture of mining machinery & equipment and steel constructions
29 SHANDONG TAGAO MINING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING Co. Ltd. Tai’an, China Manufacture and sale of mining machinery & equipment
30 ANHUI LONGPO ELECTRICAL CO., LTD Huaibei, China  Manufacture and distribution of elecrical equipment
31 DE ESTATE Katowice, Poland Management and real estate trade


*         The company’s registered office was in Konin till 19 August 2015
**       Full business name: Biuro Projektów i Realizacji Inwestycji SEPARATOR Sp. z o.o.
***     Full business name: Śląskie Towarzystwo Wiertnicze DALBIS Sp. z o.o.