The FAMUR Group

About us


About us

We are a technology holding company that provides solutions to the energy, mining and bulk material handling industries. Our goal is to support the green transformation in the energy sector.

Our future

We focus on renewable energy in our investments. The first step is to design, build and manage industrial photovoltaic farms. However, we do not want to limit ourselves to solar energy. We believe that diverse support for green energy and prospective industries will make an important contribution to sustainable economic development.

Our history

Our company has its roots in traditional mining. For more than 100 years, we have been developing machines and equipment that make mining more efficient and safer for those who work in this extremely difficult industry. We remember our history, but it's time for a strategic shift – for our company and for the entire energy sector. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have the intellectual, operational and production resources to responsibly and flexibly shape our future with business and social goals, as well as the well-being of our employees and shareholders.

Why does a part of manufacturing branch still support the mining industry? FAMUR solutions are used not only in coal mining, but also in the extraction of other soft rocks. We also provide advanced solutions without which mining would be much more dangerous to people and the environment. It is also our responsibility to provide support and service for still operating mining machines of FARMUR in various parts of the world. We are aware of global trends and climate policy, thus we are making the transition gradually in a responsible manner and for the sake of sustainable economic development.

Our path

By the end of 2024, at least 70 per cent of revenues of the FAMUR Group will be independent of coal mining sector. How do we want to achieve this goal?

  1. By developing business in large-scale photovoltaics and PV solutions for the B2B sector.
  2. By investing in new business segments related to the green energy transition.
  3. By re-branding selected manufacturing plants to support other industries.
  4. By expanding operations in the area of logistics and bulk material handling.
  5. By investing in prospective industries.

We also focus on optimizing the operations of our own production and service facilities to reduce carbon footprint.

Our goal is clear –we are moving step by step towards a green transformation to change our future together. Go Green. Go Famur.

Group’s structure

The FAMUR Group owns to TDJ SA Currently, the Group is currently formed by 100 companies* and 5 production plants. In its structure there are about 2,348 employees.

*contains Grupa Famur Solar i companies from Projekt Solartechnik Fund Fundusz Inwestycyjny Zamknięty

Companies owned by the FAMUR Group
(as of 30 September 2021)

  Company Headquarters
1 FAMUR SA Katowice, Poland
2 Famur Institute sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
3 Famur Finance sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
4 Famur INVEST sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
5 Famur Finance & Restructuring sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
6 Elgór+Hansen S.A.  Chorzów, Poland
7 De Estate sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
8 Ex-Coal sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
9 Polskie Maszyny Górnicze S.A. Katowice, Poland
10 Polska Technika Górnicza S.A. Katowice, Poland
11 EXC FMF sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
12 Invest PV 1 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
13 SPP Wytwarzanie 3 sp. z o.o. Warszawa, Poland
14 SPP Wytwarzanie 35 sp. z o.o. Warszawa, Poland
15 SPP Wytwarzanie 38 sp. z o.o. Warszawa, Poland
16 SH 16 sp. z o.o.  Kraków, Poland
17  SH 22 sp. z o.o.  Kraków, Poland
18 SH 32 sp. z o.o. Kraków, Poland

Famur Solar sp. z o.o.* (composition of the FAMUR SOLAR Group is described below)

Katowice, Poland
20 Mining Equipment Finance sp. z o.o.  Katowice, Poland
21 Stadmar sp. z o.o. Radziszów, Poland
22 Primetech S.A.  Katowice, Poland
23  ŚTW DALBIS sp. z o.o.**  Tarnowskie Góry
24 OOO Famur Rosja Nowokuźnieck, Russia
 25 TOO Famur Kazachstan Karaganda, Kazakhstan
26 Kopex-Min A.D. Nis, Serbia
27 Dams GmbH Velbert, Germany
28 Hansen Sicherheitstechnik AG Monachium, Germany
29 PT. Kopex Mining Contractors Dżakarta, Indonesia
30 Kopex Africa Pty Ltd. Benoni, RPA
31 Hansen And Genwest Pty Ltd. Benoni, RPA
32 Air Reliant Pty Ltd. Benoni, RPA
33  Shandong Tagao Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Tai’an, China
34  Taian Famur Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Tai’an, China
35 Anhui Long Po Electrical Co., Ltd. Huaibei, China
36 Famak S.A.  Kluczbork, Poland
37 Pemug sp. z o.o. w restrukturyzacji  Katowice, Poland
38  Fmk Engineering sp. z o.o.   Kluczbork, Poland
39  Biuro Projektowe Biprocemwap sp. z o.o.  Kraków, Poland
40 BPiRI Separator sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
41 Famak India Private Limited New Delhi, India

*FAMUR SOLAR Group companies as at September 30th 2021


Projekt-Solartechnik S.A. Warszawa, Poland
43 PST Service sp. z o.o. Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland
44 Sun Deal sp. z o.o. Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland
45 Projekt-Solartechnik Group sp. z o.o. Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland
46 Jeżów PV sp. z o.o. Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland
47 Projekt-Solartechnik Dystrybucja sp. z o.o. Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland
48 Projekt-Solartechnik Development sp. z o.o. Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland
49 P+S Energooszczędni sp. z o.o. Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland


** Full business name: Śląskie Towarzystwo Wiertnicze DALBIS sp. z o.o.

Projekt Solartechnik Fund Fundusz Inwestycyjny Zamknięty*
Projekt Solartechnik Fund Fundusz Inwestycyjny Zamknięty (“FUND”), in which FAMUR SOLAR holds 371 investment certificates (51%)
50 Invest PV 2 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
51 Invest PV 3 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
52 Invest PV 4 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
53 Invest PV 5 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
54 Invest PV 6 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
55 Invest PV 7 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
56 Invest PV 8 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
57 Invest PV 9 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
58 Invest PV 10 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland

Invest PV 11 sp. z o.o.

Katowice, Poland

Invest PV 12 sp. z o.o.

Katowice, Poland

Invest PV 13 sp. z o.o.

Katowice, Poland

Polska Energia Słoneczna sp. z o.o.

Poznań, Poland

PV Koryta sp. z o.o.

 Łódź, Poland

PV Ostrowąsy sp. z o.o.

 Łódź, Poland
65 PV Projekty Piotrowice sp. o.o.  Wrocław, Poland
66 PV Projekt Strupina sp.  z o.o.  Wrocław, Poland
67 PV Skrzypaczowice Dziemiony sp. z o.o.  Kokoszczyn, Poland
68  Solar Farm SPV sp. z o.o. Rzeszów, Poland
69  Solar Projekt SPV sp. o.o.  Rzeszów, Poland
70  Invest PV 14 sp. z o.o Katowice, Poland

Invest PV 17 sp. z o.o.

Katowice, Poland

Invest PV 18 sp. z o.o.

Katowice, Poland
73 Invest PV 19 sp. z o.o Katowice, Poland

Invest PV 20 sp. z o.o.

Katowice, Poland

Invest PV 21 sp. z o.o.

Katowice, Poland
76 Invest PV 22 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland

Invest PV 23 sp. z o.o.

Katowice, Poland

Invest PV 25 sp. z o.o.

Katowice, Poland

Invest PV 26 sp. z o.o.

Katowice, Poland

Invest PV 27 sp. z o.o.

Katowice, Poland

Invest PV 28 sp. z o.o.

Katowice, Poland
82  Invest PV 29 sp. z o.o.  Katowice, Poland
83  Invest PV 30 sp. z o.o.  Katowice, Poland

Invest PV 31 sp. z o.o.

Katowice, Poland
85  Resnet 1 sp. z o.o.   Wrocław, Poland
86 Elektrownia PV Grylewo sp. z o.o. Wrocław, Poland
87 Invest PV 32 sp. z o.o. JFS1 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
88 Invest PV 33 sp. z o.o. JFS2 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
89 Invest PV 34 sp. z o.o. JFS3 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
90 Invest PV 35 sp. z o.o. JFS4 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
91 Invest PV 36 sp. z o.o. JFS5 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
92 Invest PV 37 sp. z o.o. JFS6 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
93 Invest PV 38 sp. z o.o. JFS7 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
94 Invest PV 39 sp. z o.o. JFS8 sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
95 Sunergia Trade IV sp. z o.o. Katowice, Poland
96 P+S SPV 2 sp. z o.o. Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland
97 P+S SPV 3 sp. z o.o. Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland
98 P+S SPV 4 sp. z o.o. Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland
99 P+S SPV 5 sp. z o.o. Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland
100 P+S SPV 6 sp. z o.o. Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland

Source: FAMUR Group Consolidated Report for 9M and Q3 2021