Belt conveyors

FAMUR is an experienced and recognized manufacturer of transport systems  intended for continuous transporting and reloading materials and transporting personnel. The systems fully meet and rationalize logistics requirements of including but not limited to underground and opencast mines, ports, transshipment terminals and power plants.

Comprehensive transport system solutions have a significant impact on the efficiency and economic results of enterprises. Our transport systems fully meet and rationalize the logistic needs of the users. Many years of experience, gathered around the world, allows us to select the right (optimal) transport systems for specific working conditions.

Our offer includes:

  • high-power belt conveyors for inclined drifts
  • belt conveyors for main and gate haulage
  • high-capacity overland belt conveyors
  • man-riding conveyors
  • special purpose belt conveyors
  • belt conveyor units
  • reversible conveyors
  • conveyors for removing snow from large-area roofs

The table below contains general technical parameters of belt conveyors. To meet individual customer expectations, we are able to offer a belt conveyor that meets the required conditions and requirements.

Bulk density [t/m³] up to 4,0
Belt width [mm] 800-1 600 (2600)*
Belt running speed [m/s] up to 4
Conveyor length [m] up to 3 000 (10 000)*
Unit capacity [t/h] up to 3 000 (10 000)*
Main drive power [kW] 2 500 (6 000)*
Drive unit power [kW] up to 1 250

()*applies to conveyors used onground

High-power belt conveyors for inclined drifts


High-power belt conveyors used for inclined drifts are a final component of main haulage systems. A possible breakdown of those could cause a downtime for whole mine, and that’s why these conveyors need to be of superior quality and highly reliable. This is why many clients in Poland and worldwide have chosen FAMUR solutions, based on decades of experience.

Number of highly advanced solutions such as high-power drive stations, intermediate rewind or T-T (belt-to-belt) drives  allow to transport material in headings and galleries with high inclination gradients.


Main haulage and gate conveyors


Main haulage belt conveyors are a flagship product of FAMUR Group in terms of underground transport systems- currently, dozens of kilometers of our conveyors operate in underground mines worldwide. Prepared for toughest mining conditions, FAMUR belt conveyors are a quintessence of decades of our experience in the mining business.

Hauling systems are always created with care for compliance with client’s requirements, considering all external factors such as methodology of a mining plant operation, hazards occurring in the mine or general conditions of the heading. The solutions applied in belt conveyors enable their work on slopes, strikes (inclined drifts and dipheadings), horizontal curves and faults. Through a holistic approach to the design process and the highest quality of production, we are sure that the transport systems we offer guarantee reliable operation for years.


High-capacity overland belt conveyors


In the field of continuous transport, FAMUR offers, among others: advanced conveyor systems created according to individual customer requirements..

Long distance belt conveying by FAMUR is a great alternative for haul trucks due to high reliability of our products as well as relatively low operating costs compared to traditional truck handling method.

We offer our overland conveyors in all standard belt width sizes of 800-2400 mm, which enable us to achieve capacities up to 20,000 tonnes per hour.

As a supplier of complex turn-key solutions, we can equip our systems with all vital elements such as chute stations, crushers, hoppers, screening stations, stockyards, etc.

Man-riding belt conveyors

Application of man-riding belt conveyors significantly  increases the efficiency of working time and it reduces the number of accidents resulting from necessity to reach  the heading.  People may travel on inclined roads with gradient up to 18° upwards and 12° downwards, both on the upper and bottom belt. Adaptation of conveyor belts to drive people requires equipping them with i.a.: embarking and disembarking platforms (side platforms: along the conveyor or axial platforms: over the conveyor), emergency switches, brakes, relevant information and warning system.


Belt conveyor components

Apart from delivery of complete transport systems, FAMUR offers individual elements of belt conveyors manufactured in the highest quality based on in-house documentation, including but not limited to:

  • Intermediate drives: rewind and TT (belt-to-belt drives)
  • Tensioning stations (gravity, hydraulic, winch, follow-up)
  • Drive cooling units
  • Loading tables with impact bed
  • Belt aligning units
  • Disc and drum brakes
  • Chutes and hoppers


Special purpose belt conveyors

The offer is including but limited to the belt conveyors for transporting on both belts, conveyors for quick change of length, and suspended of floor-anchored conveyors for working with roadheaders.

Belt conveyors for removing snow from large-area roofs

Belt conveyors for snow removal seemingly being a niche product are meeting growing interest among our clients. Mounted on roofs of large scale warehouses and plants, enable efficient snow removal in winter.


Reversible conveyors

Reversible conveyors are an advanced element of material transport and dosing systems, enabling transport on a conveyor in both directions. This solution is particularly often used in material processing plants, as well as in precise hopper and silo loading systems, onground and underground.

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