Boot end devices

FAMUR is an experienced and recognized manufacturer of boot end devices  (belt tailpieces) intended and approved for use in underground workings of mining plants, gathering brands such as NOWOMAG, RYFAMA and GLINIK.

The offer includes FBE and FSBE boot end devices. The boot ends are adapted to work with beam stage loaders with a width of 750 mm to 1200 mm and belt conveyors with a belt width of 800 mm to 1400 mm.

Characteristics of the FBE devices:

  • maximum overlap of the BSL onto the boot end of  3,5 m
  • route correction device
  • vertical and horizontal correction

Characteristics of the FSBE devices:

  • maximum overlap of the BSL onto the boot end with no need to shorten or tension the belt of up to 30 m
  • vertical and horizontal correction
  • reducing the ground pressures
  • smooth belt entry
  • orientation of the winning material stream
  • possible spragging against the roof
  • conventional or pilot hydraulic control system
  • modular construction – possible configuring the overlap length and the number of correction segments
Device type FBE
Belt width (belt conveyor) [mm] 1000/1200/1400 1000/1200/1400
BSL overlap length [mm] 3085
30 000
Return drum diameter [mm] 400-630 500
Control system type hydraulic hydraulic
Supply pressure [MPa] 32 25÷32
Total force for the device advancing [kN] 508/420
Single advance stroke [mm] - 1000

Note: The FBE boot end devices correspond to the MATYLDA type devices by GLINIK

The FSBE boot end devices correspond to:  UPZP NOWOMAG and  ZPT RYFAMA

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