Self-cleaning filter with the function of water treatment and protection against large fractions of impurities is designed for continuous and unmanned operation in a variety of industries that require an appropriate level of water purity. It may be applied in:

  • surface and underground mining as well as in drilling where high water quality used for spraying and washing should be ensured,
  • power stations, in generator cooling systems,
  • heating plants, for protection of heat exchangers,
  • steel industry,
  • wastewater treatment plants.

The FS-60 filter may be made with the frame or transport sled. Water connections may be made asDN100 or DN150. The FS-60 may be offered along with magnetizer.

Weight 450 kg
Nominal flow rate 60


Overall dimensions: height 1480


  width 1375 mm
  depth 700 mm
Filter cartridge slot type  
Filtration accuracy 50, 100, 200 µm
Maximum working pressure 4 MPa
Control pneumatic  
Minimum control pressure:  0.4 (for water pressure to 2) MPa
   0.5 (for water pressure to 4) MPa
Maximum control pressure 1 MPa
Activating differential pressure cleaning features 0.15 – 0.4 MPa
Maximum operating temperature:   80 (for water pressure up to 2 MPa)  ºC
   50 (for water pressure up to 4 MPa) ºC
Body and filter cartridge material stainless steel (acid-proof steel)  
Filter cartridge cleaning period adjustable  
Installation vertical  
Functions filtering, protection against large fractions of impurities, protection against stone deposition