Why us?

The FAMUR Group is a unique place of work where many years of tradition and experience merge with innovations that transform the Polish industry. We seek to build a team of people who identify with the values of our company, who are true professionals and are committed to carry out their tasks. We are open to ambitious and creative people whose unconventional ideas and enthusiasm will allow us to achieve success together.

I believe people are the greatest value of the FAMUR Group.
– Mirosław Bendzera, FAMUR S.A. CEO

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Leave your CV in our candidate database. There are often new employment opportunities within the FAMUR Group.

Please insert the following clause in your application: “I hereby give my voluntary and informed consent to the processing by FAMUR S.A. (ul. Armii Krajowej 51, 40-698 Katowice, KRS number 48716) of the following personal data: full name, place of residence and telephone number, date of birth, education, current employment, PESEL number, to be used in the current recruitment process, and in future recruitment processes conducted by both FAMUR S.A. and other companies belonging to the TDJ Group, or for these companies, by providing the aforesaid personal data to recruitment companies. My personal data may be provided by a personal data controller to other TDJ Group companies solely for use in the recruitment process. I was informed that I have access to the content of the aforesaid data and the right to correct them, and the right to request the removal of personal data from the database or to suspend or stop the processing of personal data. This consent may be withdrawn at any time”.

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