Miles of Good for the ‘Dom Aniołów Stróżów’ Association


One of the last social campaigns joined by FAMUR was the Miles of Good. Together with our employees, we raised funds for the Dom Aniołów Stróżów in Katowice, which helps children and adolescents from difficult backgrounds. The Miles of Good is a nationwide campaign that consists in collecting the largest possible number of 1 Polish […]

Paint the world for children


Over 60 pairs of hands on deck, 400 litres of paint and indescribable enthusiasm – here is a recipe for one of the CSR campaigns joined by FAMUR. Aim: to paint the Upper Silesian Child Health Centre (GCZD) in Katowice-Ligota.

Christmas fundraising events


When our homes start to smell like gingerbreads, we like to turn into… Santa Clauses at work. Therefore, our Silesian facilities organise Christmas fundraising events for local assistance centres. In 2017  it was a single mother home and an orphanage. New and used clothes for children and adults, toys, books, cosmetics, medicines, food – these […]

Factory of Social and Civic Competences


The main idea of the of the Factory of Social and Civic Competences project is education. Through a series of specially prepared workshops, our staff formed a team of volunteer coaches who worked with  young people and shared their knowledge on social issues. During a few months of the campaign, 10 educators from Famur reached […]

The Activity Mine


For us, Activity Mine was an unusual project. It was not only because for the first time we carried out such a big social initiative which furthermore merged two business competitors at the time. Primarily, however, it made it possible to conduct five campaigns for the benefit of children and young people from local communities! […]