The EZ-KO250 is a compact excavator designed for shaft and underground mining infrastructure operations. Rigid body frame with robust arm and bucket that can rotate 360o is mounted on crawler tracks. It is powered by 45kW electric motor, suitable for explosive areas (ATEX certified).

Thanks to the optimised transport dimensions and lifting points this machine can be moved quickly and easily to the shaft floor or to any other sites of the mine. An opening of just 2000 mm is all that is needed for the excavator to pass down through the sinking platform. To deploy the machine just lower down the rear end of the excavator on to the sinking floor and then tilt it upright on to its crawler tracks. After connecting to the power supply EZ KO250 is ready to work.

Electric motor power 45 kW
Weight 8100 kg
Ground pressure 10 N/cm²
Travel speed 0.5 m/s
Bucket capacity 0.25