Complementary products


By implementing the development strategy for 2019-2023 adopted in September 2018, the FAMUR Group expanded its product portfolio with equipment, tools and complementary goods.


Forgings and castings (steel and cast iron) for hauling devices
Armoured conveyors, pan routes, spill plates, connectors, flight bars, machine body castings, made on the basis of know-how and customer documentation

Zamet Industry SA

Vertical shaft transport devices (skips, cages, rope wheels)
Devices intended for mechanical processing of mineral raw materials (settlers, jigs, screens, filters)
Construction devices (structures) made by Zamet Industry based on the technical documentation provided

Zamet Budowa Maszyn SA

Hoisting machines, rope wheels, hoisting machine pulleys (drums)
Hydraulic presses
Gearboxes and gears with a diameter of up to 5000 mm
Construction of machines and equipment based on documentation provided
Construction of machines and equipment based on own documentation
Large-size machining
Other machines and devices within the scope of technical capabilities of Zamet Budowa Maszyn

NiUW Glinik Sp. z o.o.

Tangiential-rotary blades (picks)
Pick holders for longwall shearers and roadheaders, sleeves (bushings), drilling teeth, bits and drilling equipment

GLIMARPOL Sp. z o.o.

Pneumatic roof bolting machines
Air impact wrenches
Pneumatic hoists
Mining rock dusters of SMYK type (with pneumatic, hydraulic and electric drive), DROMADER type (with pneumatic drive), JAMNIK (with pneumatic drive)
Drilling accessories, i.e. rods, bits, crowns, connecting rods, chisels


High pressure pipes and fittings
Air-conditioning systems for mines
Intrinsically safe measuring devices
Filter plants, water treatment plants and emulsion concentration control plants


Escape breathing devices
Self-contained closed-circuit oxygen breathing apparatus
Self-rescue filters
Lamps and batteries

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