Complementary products

Complementary products

Our product portfolio includes equipment, tools and complementary goods from respected manufacturers.

  • forgings and castings (steel and cast iron) for hauling devices
  • armoured conveyors, pan routes, spill plates, connectors, flight bars, machine body castings, made on the basis of know-how and customer documentation

  • tangiential-rotary blades (picks)
  • pick holders for longwall shearers and roadheaders, sleeves (bushings), drilling teeth, bits and drilling equipment

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  • vertical shaft transport devices (skips, cages, rope wheels)
  • devices intended for mechanical processing of mineral raw materials (settlers, jigs, screens, filters)
  • construction devices (structures) made by Zamet Industry based on the technical documentation provided

  • hoisting machines, rope wheels, hoisting machine pulleys (drums)
  • hydraulic presses
  • gears and gear wheels up to 5 000 mm in diameter
  • large-size machining
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