Hydraulic control systems

FAMUR is an experienced and recognized manufacturer of hydraulic control systems, offering electro-hydraulic, pilot and manual control systems depending on the customer requirements and needs. Our hydraulic control systems can be successfully applied in the powered roof support units manufactured by FAMUR, as well as by other manufacturers powered roof supports.

While developing and implementing projects, we cooperate with research and development units and scientists, certification bodies, as well as specialists working directly on operations in mining plants. We provide our customers with: technical consultancy, projects according to individual needs, supervision over commissioning and operation, as well as 24/7 warranty and post-warranty service for the offered control systems.

In the era of automation of industrial processes, intelligent control devices play a special role. In mining processes, electronic processor devices are particularly important due to the necessity to ensure a high level of safety in every aspect. The electro-hydraulic control system of the powered roof support offered by FAMUR ensures the integration of the longwall system components’ operation, full monitoring of the machinery status and condition, the possibility of remote supervision over the longwall system operation and a high level of service safety using modern technologies in the field of hydraulics, electronics, IT and industrial automation.

  • radio communication with the cutting machine
  • identification of the machine’s position in the longwall
  • initiating the automatic support unit’s advancing cycle function by the cutting machine based on data from pressure sensors, displacement sensors and angle sensors (inclinometers)
  • continuous monitoring of the pressure in the main unit supports/legs
  • adaptation of control algorithms to current operating conditions
  • diagnostics of electronic devices as well as precise location of damage to hydraulic system components
  • cooperation with other machines and devices in the winning material haulage process
  • data transmission to the surface for the purpose of ongoing supervision, archiving, visualization and reporting
  • remote management of the longwall complex operation and its operation in automatic mode
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