In our business activity we take into account the current and future consequences of environmental impacts resulting from the manufacturing processes in use at Famur’s manufacturing facilities. As part of the implemented and certified ISO 14001 Management System we strive to minimise significant environmental impacts. In this regard, goals and targets set by the Management Board of FAMUR SA are implemented. Environmental Policy. These tasks are aimed at improving waste management, the use of environmentally friendly technologies, increasing the environmental awareness of employees and a reasonable use of utilities.

For more information please refer to the Integrated Management System Policy.

The FAMUR Group reports non-financial indicators based on the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI Standards) - Core option and the guidelines and good market practices for integrated reporting.

Environmental indicators for individual reporting periods are available in the following documents:

for 2020 - SEE REPORT
For 2019 - SEE REPORT
For 2018 - SEE REPORT
For 2017 - SEE REPORT

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