The EZ-WSK4000L drill rig is used to make four blast holes simultaneously.

The basis of the drill rig is a pillar, on which stretcher bar arms, work arms and carriage trailers are mounted. Stretcher bar arms are raised by means of rams.

The drill rig is powered by an air-hydraulic unit.

 Weight 8500  kg
 Overall dimensions (height x width) - when folded for transport 6568 x 1780  mm x mm
 Carriage trailer effective stroke 1000 mm
Drilling diameter  35-64  mm
Drilling length  4000  mm
Rotary hammer drill
Interval 35 Hz
Maximum impact power 7.3 kW
Maximum supply pressure 6 bar
Air consumption 12.7 m³/min
  Possible drilling depth and diameter depends on a number of factors, such as the type of cutting tools used, conditions in the opening, drilling techniques and technology or accessories used with the drill rig.