The F3-07Ex* module is intended to protect electric motors and transformers mainly for mining equipment and machinery. It can be applied in compact switches/ power stations/transformer units, etc.

External intrinsically safe measurement circuits of the F3-07Ex-* module are intended for operating on areas of „a”, „b” or „c” degree of methane explosion hazard and „A” or „B” class of coal dust explosion hazard.

  • inputs/outputs: 3xDI, 3xDO
  • measurement of 1-3 current phases by current transformers
  • short-circuit protection, overload protection, thermal winding and bearing protection, current leakage protection
  • protection against assymetry and loss of one of phases, against dry running, against excessive startup duration, against too short intervals between successive startups
  • shielding continuity control
Type F3-07Ex
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Communication RS485/OPTO (MODBUS RTU)
Range of measurement inputs for I/U transmitters do 28 V
Permissible ambient temperature 5-60 °C
IP degree IP54
Weight 1.2 kg
Designation  1453  I (M1) [Ex ia op is Ma] I