The F3-28Ex intrinsically safe manipulator is intended for smooth (analog) control operation of the machines. It’s successfully applied for all machines where the smooth control of hydraulic systems or inverter drives is crucial (e.g. for roadheaders, suspended monorail systems, bolting machines, excavators, etc.).

Through the RS-485 interface the joystick transmits information on shifting angle and directions as well as on status of buttons and touch sensors integrated on the joystick handle.

The joystick module provides „ia” explosion protection level. It is intended for operation in harsh environmental conditions.

  • joystick shifting in two axes
  • two buttons
  • two touch buttons
  • RS485 interface
Type F3-28Ex
Supply voltage 12 V DC
Communication (intrinsically safe side) RS485
Mapping of the joystick lever shifting analog measurement of shifting angle
Permissible ambient temperature 0-70 °C
IP degree IP55
Weight 3.0 kg
Designation  1453  I M1 Ex ia I Ma