The ‘Investor Without Borders’ award has been granted by the editors of the WNP.PL portal and the EEC organizing entity - the PTWP Group. A total of 40 companies were nominated for the plebiscite award: foreign investors in Poland and Polish investors abroad. FAMUR was placed in the second group. As described by the organiser, this category includes companies that ‘effectively implement foreign expansion strategies, investing on foreign, sometimes distant markets’. Then, from among all nominated companies, the Competition Council selected five winners from each category. On behalf of the FAMUR Group the award was collected by Bartosz Bielak, the Vice President of the company. We would like to thank for granting this honorable title and congratulations to all winners. Main photo: Krzysztof Zaskórski/FAMUR. Photo Gallery: Grupa PTWP. [gallery ids="16429,16423,16426,16420"]