FAMUR Group consolidating the mining industry

On March 17, 2016, a special purpose vehicle of TDJ SA being the dominant shareholder of FAMUR SA, has concluded with Mr. Krzysztof Jędrzejewski a conditional agreement for the purchase of controlling shares of Kopex SA FAMUR has been also notified that it will be entitled to enter into rights arising from the aforementioned agreement.

The conclusion of the agreement is dependent on, inter alia, positive results of due diligence, financial restructuring of the Kopex Capital Group, as well as on obtainment of the approval for concentration to be issued by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. – In view of a difficult situation of the industry, I believe that taking key decisions by Kopex creditors and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection is to be completed as soon as possible, taking into account the current market conditions. It is absolutely crucial for the success of the entire process. If the schedule is to be carried out in accordance with our expectations, we may have an opportunity to conduct the transaction in August, and the first results of cooperation should be apparent already upon formal taking of control over Kopex by FAMUR – says Mirosław Bendzera, CEO of FAMUR SA Fulfillment of this agreement provisions will enable to build one strong entity based both on FAMUR and Kopex. A key condition of this transaction is reaching agreement with existing creditors of the Kopex Group, which will enable the stabilization of the Group’s financing sources in the long-term. In the current market situation, the consolidation is the right direction for development of both companies, and the intended operation means the opportunity of a significant increase in the scale of activity, quality and efficiency of operations on domestic and foreign markets. – This is the most important moment in the history of the companies, FAMUR and Kopex. A period that can bring many benefits is ahead of us. This is the opportunity for stabilization and the excellent base for the development of both companies, and thus of the entire Silesia. The merged companies would constitute one of the largest industrial companies in Poland that could certainly join the group of National Champions, whose creation is being promoted in the development plan by Minister Morawiecki. In this perspective, it becomes even more realistic and feasible to conquer global markets with the “Polish Shearer Loader” and other products we have been known for as Polish manufacturers for many years.  I wish the future combination of potentials was a common work of the shareholders and employees of FAMUR and Kopex – adds Miroslaw Bendzera. The history of both companies shows how the Polish technological ideas can be used for mining development, not only in Poland but also worldwide. Innovative technologies, dynamically operating R&D departments, years of experience are only some of the elements whose quality is appreciated by foreign partners of the FAMUR Group and Kopex.

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