FAMUR expands its cooperation with Energa Wytwarzanie

The FAMUR Group and Energa Wytwarzanie have signed a cooperation agreement for the repairs and maintenance of equipment necessary for the continuous and efficient operation of renewable sources. In this way, the subsidiary company of Energa of the ORLEN Group is adapting to the current challenges of volatile supply chains, including in the market for wind turbine spare parts. The document was signed during the EXPO fair held in Katowice. This is another alliance between the Katowice-based company and an important entity in the RES market.

The FAMUR Group already completed its first activities carried out with companies from the Energa Group. These activities concerned overhauls of the turbine gearboxes of the Karścino wind farm, owned by Energa Wytwarzanie.

“The agreement with Energa Wytwarzanie, one of our country’s most experienced players in the wind power segment, is another step in the implementation of our plans to expand Famur’s offer for the RES market. The agreement is a consequence of our recent cooperation which involved the overhaul of the turbine gearboxes of the Karścino wind farm. We are pleased that another market-proven entity appreciates our competence in the area of solutions and services for the wind sector,” says Mirosław Bendzera, President of the Management Board of FAMUR SA.

The signing of the current agreement is a continuation of the cooperation announced in July this year. It will provide Energa Wytwarzanie with access to both Famur’s technical potential and a stable supply of alternative equipment and replacement parts where it will be impossible to rebuild the components already in use. The scope of services of FAMUR for Energa Wytwarzanie includes manufacturing replacement parts to ensure the continued operation of the wind turbines of the Karścino farm.

“Year after year, the zero-emission sources managed by Energa Wytwarzanie generate more and more electricity. The infrastructure-related costs include not only the construction of renewable sources, but also the operating costs – to keep the generating facilities in optimal working condition and availability. This is of particular importance in a situation of growing demand for green energy and the implementation of the ORLEN2030 strategy, which includes the main area of development, i.e. energy and the pursuit of the net zero carbon footprint policy,” says Piotr Meler, President of the Management Board of Energa Wytwarzanie SA. “As a company with significant assets in the area of RES, we are interested in working with professional partners who will provide us with the necessary components and support us in all types of servicing works.”

The Green Transition Strategy of the FAMUR Group announced in May 2021 assumes that the company will aim to achieve approximately 70 percent of its revenues from sources unrelated to steam coal by the end of 2024. FAMUR intends to utilise over a century of experience, know-how and potential to become an important entity in the RES market. In the recently published results for the first half of 2022, Famur’s reported revenues from the green energy area were at PLN 26 million. 

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