FAMUR, which is part of Grenevia, signed a letter of intent with JSW on the reconstruction of Ukraine

On 21 September 2023, during the COMMON FUTURE Ukrainian Reconstruction Congress in Poznań, the FAMUR segment, which is part of Grenevia, signed a letter of intent with JSW Capital Group companies and Komatsu. The subject of the agreement is the future cooperation of the companies in the reconstruction of Ukraine within the framework of the Lubelska mine project in the Volhynia coal basin.
The letter of intent is a declaration of cooperation between Famur, JSW companies and Komatsu on the Lubelska No. 1-2 mine construction project in Lubelsko. The aim of the project is to access and extract coal from those deposits. The cooperation will consist in particular in the exchange of information, knowledge and experience regarding geological, technical and legal conditions for individual or joint projects carried out by the signatories of the letter.

The FAMUR segment will be involved in the collaboration on the part of Grenevia. On the part of JSW, the letter was signed by representatives of Jastrzębskie Zakłady Remontowe Sp. z o.o., Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Szybów S.A., JSW Szkolenie i Górnictwo Sp. z o.o. Komatsu is also a signatory to the letter.

“Rebuilding Ukraine after the war will not only be a challenge for the country’s authorities and its people, but will also require the involvement of a wide range of other countries. I am convinced that the international community and the involvement of individual companies is the right way to rebuild Ukraine in the fastest way. – comments Mirosław Bendzera, CEO of FAMUR SA. “Participation in the Lubelska mine project is a natural course of action for us. As part of the project, we can draw on our more than 100 years of experience in the industrial sector, including in the manufacture and supply of mining machinery. The important facts that create good prospects for the implementation of the project jointly with JSW are our competence and experience accumulated through previous cooperation”, he adds. 

The Grenevia Group integrates and develops the activities of four business segments.  Those include: large-scale photovoltaics and PV solutions for business concentrated in the Solartechnik Project; battery systems, energy storage and electromobility within IMPACT Clean Power Technology; state-of-the-art equipment in the area of automation for industry and solutions for the energy distribution sector based on the Elgór+Hansen, as well as technologies and products for the mining and wind energy sector within FAMUR. Currently, the Group’s activities are focused on value creation of individual segments.

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