FR 160

FR 160 roadheader is a highly advanced machine combining advanced technical solutions, high technology and the highest class materials. The roadheader is equipped with cutting-edge data transmission systems and with an easy-to-use precision guidance system, radio remote control system and remote control system from the operator’s station. Advanced diagnostic systems watch over proper, failure-free operation of particular devices, guaranteeing safe working conditions.

The roadheader is made in the e-mine standard with advanced diagnostic functions of operation parameters and full monitoring on a mine surface.

The FR 160 is designed to excavate galleries in section up to 28 m2, both in useful minerals and gangues having a compressive strength up to 95 MPa. The machine is designed to operate in underground mines, in non-methane and methane fields with a longitudinal inclination up to ±18o and transverse inclination up to 5o, in ambient temperature of maximum +40oC.

  • load-dependent automatic boom movement speed control
  • simple navigation system
  • load-dependent hydraulic system – so-called LOAD-SENSING
  • LCD display
  • LED lighting
  • third generation control system
  • Ethernet data transfer from a roadheader
Roadheader length   8950 mm
Roadheader width (apron without extension)   2720 mm
Roadheader height boom in horizontal position  2610 mm
cutting boom positioned on the ground  2350 mm
Apron width permanent extension  2700 mm
permanent extension (wide)  3200 mm
adjustable extension  4030-4680 mm
Maximum floor undercut standard boom  200 mm
telescopic boom 450 mm
Cutting height standard boom  4400 mm
telescopic boom  4800 mm
Cutting width standard boom 5300 mm
telescopic boom 5900 mm
Ground pressure   0.13 MPa
Total installed power   276 kW
Cutting drum power   132/150/160 kW
Power supply/frequency   1000/50 (60) V/Hz
Weight   45 t
  • sector spraying system
  • auxiliary hydraulic equipment connection
  • data transmission system
  • vibrodiagnostic system
  • visual system
  • optional hydraulic track drive
  • optional external air-water spraying system