FS 300

FS 300 longwall shearer is a combination of advanced technical solutions, high technology and the highest class materials, which makes the machine high efficient and reliable, easy in maintenance and simple in operation.

The longwall shearer design is compatible with different types of armoured face conveyors with chainless haulage systems Eicotrack (125, 126 mm) or Megatrack (147 mm) type. It also enables the change of the shearers height while maintaining a significant clearance under the machine.

The shearer is made in the e-mine standard with advanced diagnosis of machine functions and parameters, as well as full monitoring, that can be transmitted to the surface.

The FS 300 shearer can be supplied in the e-longwall standard with equipment operating in automatic mode.

  • high productivity resulting from high installed power and high clearance under the shearer
  • modular design enabling limitation of maximal transportation dimension to 2.6 m
  • comfort of operation (from the gob side)
  • 3rd generation control system in the e-longwall system standard
  • modular design of electrical equipment
  • innovative safety solutions
Maximum cutting height 3500 3500 mm
Horizontal distance between cutting drums axes 11765-12336 11765-12336 mm
Minimum distance between driving wheel axes 4260 4260 mm
Shearer body height 1050-1215 1050-1215 mm
Undercut min. 250 min. 250 mm
Supply voltage 1000, 1140 3300 V
Total installed power 835 1125 kW
Cutting drum power 200-350 400-500 kW
Cutting drum diameters 1250-2000 1250-2000 mm
Depth of web 650-1000 650-1000 mm
Ranging arm types FRA 400 S, FRA 400 L FRA 400 S, FRA 400 L  
Haulage drive electric motor power 2x60 2x60 kW
Hydraulic pump electric motor power 15 15 kW
Maximum longitudinal inclination 35 35 °
Maximum transverse inclination -15- +20 -15- +20 °
Pulling force 2x380 2x380 kN
Haulage speed 0-22 0-22 m/min
Maximum shearer weight 45-50 45-50 t


  • use of flameproof signal connectors (FSC)
  • use of flameproof power connectors (FPC)
  • third generation control system
  • Ethernet standard transmission from the shearer
  • legible LCD display
  • spotlights integrated with camera and ranging arm
  • modular shearer control cassettes
  • modular contactor blocks
  • external intrinstically safe modules for solenoid valves and sensors control
  • service interface for remote diagnostics


  • shearer positioning system
  • memory cutting
  • data transmission system
  • vibrodiagnostics system
  • infrared transmitter
  • visual system
  • methane detectors system
  • working platforms