We are an experienced and recognized manufacturer of toothed gears and gearboxes for many industries – e.g. underground mining, opencast mining, the handling equipment sector, cranes, overhead cranes and bulk material transport systems. We specialize in providing solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.

We provide support at every stage of the product life cycle. We advise on the selection of the right solution that will ensure long-term, trouble-free operation of devices equipped with our driving technology. We carry out design and optimization tasks on the basis of competences developed over the years and advanced calculation and analytical methods. The production technologies we use as well as a highly qualified and committed team guarantee the production of the highest quality product. The materials used in the production process come from qualified suppliers, and the heat and thermo-chemical treatment carried out in our plant is provided with the control of all process parameters. We achieve a high level of quality of our products through defined and supervised processes. Each element of the final product is subject to dimensional control. After the assembly is completed, the correct operation is verified on a test stand under full load conditions with control of thermal and vibrodiagnostic parameters. Devices leaving the factory have a dedicated quality certificate.

Our service staff can support the customer in the installation, supervision and servicing of the gearbox. We supply spare parts for our products, and also provide maintenance and repair services for damaged gearboxes – also from other manufacturers.

  • full customer support at every stage of the life cycle
  • controlled processes contributing to the high quality of the products
  • high quality materials and controlled heat treatment processes
  • factory tests on a modern dyno confirmed by a quality certificate
  • flexibility and quick response in the event of emergency situations
  • top quality original spare parts
  • Service Center 24/7/365
  • highly qualified and committed personnel
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