FAMUR Group cares for sustainable development

FAMUR publishes its integrated report for 2021. It is the second document in the history of the Company summing up major financial and non-financial aspects of the Group operations, among which the new strategy plays a key role. Since May 2021, FAMUR has been implementing the Go Green strategy, with the aim to transform the Company in a holding investing in green energy.

‘We are aware that such non-financial activities affect the Company and its results. Apart from being a summary of financial data, the report is also a compendium of knowledge about who we are and what activities we undertake in the area of social relations. We treat the matters very seriously, as a foundation of our identity and development plans. I mean the relations with both interest holders and business partners as well as local communities, and also the approach to the impact of our activities on natural environment. Business should be responsible, and I believe that the report perfectly confirms that fact in reference to the FAMUR Group’, says Tomasz Jankowski, Investor Relations Director at FAMUR S.A.

FAMUR Group has been actively supporting the Sustainable Development Goals accepted by the international community. Activities in that regard are carried out in two areas. In the internal sphere the key issue is management in consideration of the corporate governance principles, fair market practices as well as occupational health and safety. Also important are environmental issues. In the external sphere the Company focuses on participation in initiatives supporting children and youths, willing to offer that social group the possibility of personal development and, thus, facilitate their start in adult life. Other social projects in which the Company engages refer to the areas of charity, professional education, ecology and sports. All activities are carried out in compliance with the ‘FAMUR S.A. Charity Policy’ adopted in January 2021.

Since May 2021, FAMUR has been implementing the strategy of business diversification, with the aim to change the Company into a holding investing in green transformation and generation in 2024 of roughly 70% of revenue from sources which are not related to coal for energy purposes. The company has been consequently building its strong position in the area of renewable energy sources (RES) and other sectors with long-term development perspective, supporting green transformation. The fist step to implement the new strategy was entering the sector of high-scale photovoltaic solutions, through acquisition of the PST company, performed together with TDJ. Currently the FAMUR Group has projects of the total capacity of about 1.9 GW, including 135 MW under construction, and further projects of 200 MW are pending.

The integrated report of the FAMUR Group for 2021 is available here

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