Integrated management system policy


The primary goal of operations of the FAMUR GROUP is reproducible profit achieved through the delivery of technologically advanced coal bed exploitation systems which meet the customer’s requirements, ensuring high production efficiency and work safety of users.

The Management Board of FAMUR SA, the parent company in the FAMUR GROUP, is committed to take actions which will raise the quality of its products and services and continuously improve the Integrated Management System that relies on such norms as PN-EN ISO 9001:2015, PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2007 and to improve health and safety performance.


We want to pursue this policy through:

  1. Every employee’s responsibility for the quality at the workplace
  2. Cooperation with all suppliers of materials and services which will enable us to maintain high quality standards throughout the supply chain
  3. Improvement and optimisation of production processes by continuously eliminating defects and deficiencies at all stages of product realisation
  4. Focus on the high quality of after sales service and improvement of maintenance processes
  5. Systematic increase in the share of the sale on the global market
  6. Focus on the work environment which motivates employees to develop and raise professional qualifications
  7. Investing in the development of new and innovative products and technologies

Health and safety

One of the fundamental goals of the FAMUR GROUP is to maintain the high level of safety at work, which we manifest in actions we take to prevent injuries, accidents at work and occupational diseases.

We want to pursue this policy through:

  1. Drive to continually improve health and safety conditions
  2. Regular assessment of health and safety at work
  3. Focus on raising employees’ awareness and qualifications so that they know their duties with respect to health and safety at work
  4. Identification and minimisation of hazards and related occupational risk


In our actions, we are committed to minimise the significant impacts on the natural environment related to the FAMUR GROUP’s operations

We want to pursue this policy through:

  1. Rational waste management through waste sorting and recycling
  2. Introduction of changes to environmental friendly technologies we apply
  3. Raising employees’ environmental awareness through development of behaviours which reduce the risk of occurrence of environmental hazards
  4. Rational power management

We undertake to meet legal and other requirements applicable to health and safety at work hazards and environmental aspects which concern the FAMUR GROUP’s operations and we undertake to prevent pollution.

This Integrated Management System Policy is known, understood and followed by all employees of the FAMUR GROUP.


 Katowice, 20 February 2017