The KTW-200 roadheader is designed for driving galleries of cross-sectional area amounting to 35.5 m2. It is capable of mining rocks whose compressive strength amounts to 110 MPa. The roadheader can be operated in coal mines or used for tunneling.

Bit blocks with injector air suction are used in the KTW-200; they ensure proper spark suppression and reduction in dustiness.

Water batteries mounted on the arm and cutting heads with built in sector distributor produce water spray curtain.

Total spraying system capacity amounts to ca. 65 l/min.

The roadheader is equipped with electrical motors manufactured by the DAMEL factory, certified in conformity with IEC-60079 standards and electrohydraulic distributors manufactured by the Bosch – Retrox companies in corformity with by ATEX certificates.

Total power installed 447 kW
Power installed on cutting head 250 kW
Rock compressive strength 110 Mpa
Maximum cross-section area of a gallery 35.5


Cutting height 5.0 m
Cutting width 6.9 m
Cut into the floor 0.3 m
Transverse inclination angle of a gallery ± 5 º
Longitudinal inclination angle of a gallery ± 18 º
Compressive stress on the floor 0.13 MPa
Operating drive speed 0 - 6 m/min
Maneouvre drive speed 0 - 10 m/min
Supply voltage 1000, 1100, 1140 V


  • alternative options of operation either manually or by radio remote control up to 15m
  • programmable cutting
  • roadheader positioning system in the gallery axis, together with leveling system
  • sector spraying system
  • remote control and visualization from the stand located 50m away from behind the roadheader (optional) in case of rock outburst hazard
  • cutting drum two-gear trasmission (optional)
  • scraper conveyor chain two-gaer transmission (optional)
  • the KTW 200 may optionally include drilling and bolting equipment