FS 300

The FS 300 longwall shearer has been developed as a combination of advanced technological and technical solutions with the highest quality materials. This machine is characterised by high efficiency, reliability, ease of use and operation.

The shearer’s design has been adapted to work with various types of longwall armoured conveyors with width of 750 to 900mm, equipped with Eicotrack (125, 126 mm) or Megatrack ® (147 mm) chainless haulage systems. It is also possible to change the height while maintaining a significant ground clearance under the shearer.

The shearer loader has been designed in the Industry 4.0 standard, therefore it is provided with functions of advanced parameter diagnostics and full monitoring of the machine operation on a mine surface. The FS 300 can be provided in the along with additional equipment enabling operation in an automatic or remote cycle. The shearer is adapted to work in underground mines of class “a”, “b”, “c” methane explosion hazard and class “A” and “B” coal dust explosion hazard.

FAMUR also offers the KGE-710FM and KSW-880EU electric shearers. These are older models that can successfully replace the FS 300 shearer. Upon individual orders, we are able to deliver both the KGE-710FM and the KSW-880EU shearer, as well as relevant spare parts.

  • modern solutions for machine operation safety
  • advanced self-diagnostics of shearer subassemblies
  • easy adaptation of the shearer to work with various types of face conveyors (width from 850 to 950 mm)
  • modular design enabling obtaining various cutting heights and adapting the machine to various types ofhaulage system
  • large area of shearer ground clearance
  • maximum transport dimensions reduced to 3 m
  • comfort of mechanical maintenance service (all main units accessible from the gob side)
  • two independent hydraulic systems with functional distribution to the left and right side
  • automatic lubrication system of the shearer key components (nodes)
  • the ability to work in the mode of mutual availability of hydraulic systems
  • possibility to install the loader
  • modular design of electrical equipment
  • comfort of electrical maintenance service (all main units accessible from the gob side)
  • converter power-electronic system ensuring return of energy to the power network
  • the ability of the haulage system to work in a single-motor mode
  • application of flameproof connectors for power and signal circuits
  • control system in the Industry 4.0 standard
  • large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • shearer data transmission in the Ethernet standard
  • data readout and the shearer parametrization in the Wi-Fi standard
  • continuous monitoring and display of basic shearer operational parameters on remote controls and local system panels
  • in-wall shearer positioning system
  • Memory Cut system
  • vision system
  • methane concentration measurement system
  • working platforms
  • remote control system from the longwall centre or maingate
maximum cutting height [mm] 4 000
horizontal centre-to-centre distance between cutting drums [mm] 12 365 - 12 936
distance between driving wheel axes/centres [mm] 4 860
machine body height [mm] 1 100 - 1 250
undercut [mm] min. 200

Additional parameters

supply voltage [V] 1 000, 1 140 3 300
Total installed power [kW] 580 - 880 1180
Cutting drum motor power[kW] 200 - 350 300 - 630
Cutting drum diameters [mm] 1 250 – 2 000 1 250 – 2 000
web [mm] 650 – 1 000 650 – 1 000
arms type FRA-400S
Power of the electric haulage drive motor [kW] 2 x 75 2 x 75
Power of the electric motor of the hydraulic pump unit [kW] 2 x 15 2 x 15
allowable longitudinal inclination gradient [°] ± 35 ± 35
allowable transverse inclination gradient upwards [°] 20 20
allowable transverse inclination gradient downwards [°] 15 15
pulling force [kN] 2×337 2×337
haulage speed [m/min] 0 - 28 0 - 28
maximum weight [t] 50 50
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