Loader EZ-KO250

FAMUR is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of roadheading equipment for the mining industry, continuing the traditions of such brands as REMAG and Elgór Zamet.

The EZ-KO250 is a compact loader designed to work in the shafts and underground mines. A rigid frame with a boom that can rotate 360° is mounted on a crawler chassis. The machine is powered by a 45kW motor.

The loader is approved to work in areas with methane and coal dust explosion hazard.

Thanks to the optimized dimensions and specially selected transport lugs, the EZ-KO250 can be quickly and easily lowered to the shaft bottom or to any other site of the mine. A working platform with a diameter of 2000 mm is required for this purpose. When lowering onto the ground, the properly distributed center of gravity of the machine will cause it to rotate automatically so that the loader will lie on the crawlers.

maximum bucket lifting height [mm] 3100
bucket capacity [m³] 0,25
unit ground pressure [MPa] 0,1
electric motor power [kW] 45
supply voltage [V] 500
weight [t] 8,1
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