Longwall (face) crushers

FAMUR is an experienced and recognized manufacturer of longwall (face) crushers.

Longwall crushers are compatible and work with various types of armoured face conveyors. They are intended for the pre-crushing of large lumps of excavated material transported by the armoured face conveyor. Fragmentation of the excavated material to the required size prevents it from blocking in the area of transfer from the face conveyor onto the beam stage loader.

FAMUR crushers are characterized by simple operation and high reliability. They can be easily reinstalled and adapted to the right or left direction of material haulage. They have a wide range of adjustment of the crushing shaft height, which enables obtaining the right assortment/size during crushing.

  • reduction of downtimes
  • compact design
  • increasing the comfort of operation and efficiency of the longwall system
type GLINIK 800/900/1000 SKK-3 KS-4
motor power [kW] 100 - 200 85 250
gear ratio i=20 i=6,2 i=8,1
crushing drum speed/revolutions [rpm] 75 237 180
crushing drum width [mm] 800 - 1000 860 855
crushing drum diameter [mm] 844 840 947
drum height adjustment range [mm] 400 - 1500 400 - 1500 400 - 1000
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