Machines and devices for driving rail transport systems

FAMUR is an experienced and respected manufacturer of auxiliary transport equipment and systems, intended for the haulage and handling of materials and for transporting people. All machines and devices for driving rail systems offered by FAMUR are adapted to be used in areas with methane and coal dust explosion hazards.

FMS diesel suspended monorail locomotive

The FMS Diesel-powered suspended locomotive is a self-propelled machine intended for driving  suspended monorail transport sets.  The modular design and a wide range of additional equipment enable optimal configuration of machines for all operating conditions and diverse transport tasks. The machine can be use both for transporting people and heavy components weighing more than 30t. The FMS Diesel locomotive is characterized by  extremely small dimensions and weight, which makes it easy to operate even in very narrow mine workings/headings.

FEST-15 electro-hydraulic shunting locomotive

The FEST-15 shunting locomotive is a simple device intended for driving suspended sets for transporting materials. The device is intended mainly for work on faces, in the areas of longwalls, material loading stations or assembly chambers. The modular design allows operation in various configurations, optimally adapted to the user’s needs.

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