Mobile drilling rig WH-600

FAMUR is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of roadheading equipment for the mining industry, continuing the traditions of such brands as REMAG and Elgór Zamet.

It is an electro-hydraulic self-propelled machine on a crawler chassis. It’s intended for drilling large-diameter holes between seams. It can also be used as a drilling rig for exploratory holes, drainage holes, etc. The drilling rig is equipped with a flushing unit and adapted to tow a mobile water tank. The machine, depending on the customer’s expectations, can be equipped with a drill with a torque of 4 kNm to 24 kNm. Electrical equipment, compliant with requirements of the EU directives, is explosion-proof and can be used in underground excavations exposed to methane explosion hazard.

  • possibility of drilling within 360°
  • hydraulic sprags of the drilling carriage
  • LED lighting
  • LOAD-SENSING system
  • Flushing unit installed on the machine
  • oil cooling during standstill
drill torque [kNm] 4-14
rotational speed [rpm] 44-134
diameter of hole to be drilled [mm] 650
unit ground pressure [MPa] 0,1
electric motor power [kW] 55-75
supply voltage [V] 500
weight [t] 12
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