Power hydraulics, seals

FAMUR is an experienced and recognized manufacturer of power hydraulics. Experience in designing and production of hydraulic legs and rams, combined with a wide range of manufactured control system elements, allow us to offer comprehensive drive systems for machines intended for many industries.

We carry out standard projects based on proven solutions of modern technology, as well as special projects that require adapting to the individual needs and requirements of the client and applying innovative solutions.

  • we manufacture single- and multi-stage hydraulic rams with an internal diameter of 50 mm to 480 mm and a stroke of up to 2,500mm (larger strokes are also available upon technical agreement)
  • FAMUR rams are successfully used in many mining, construction and agricultural machinery and equipment
  • we guarantee high quality through the implementation of the entire manufacturing process, which allows for direct supervision over each technological stage, including in particular heat treatment and application of protective coatings
  • we use seals of our own production as well as of other producers (if technically justified)

We offer a variety of protective coatings adapted to the operating conditions of the rams:

  • chrome-plated coatings, including two-layer hard chrome applied on soft chrome
  • pad -welded coatings
  • hybrid coatings consisting of a welded coating with an outer layer of hard galvanic chrome
  • DURACHROM ecological coatings made according to a patented and proven technology (used in new and repaired rams; they enable quick and cheap recovery of the nominal dimensions of the external surface of repaired piston rods and cores)

The type of protective coating applied for individual rams depends on their operating conditions and customer requirements.

  • we have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing hydraulic seals
  • we make seals adapted to the dimensional standards of other manufacturers, as well as special seals, the so-called oversized and undersized ones  for the purposes of the rams repairs and overhauls
  • seals are most often made by injection on injection molding machines of reputable companies using high-quality raw materials (plastics)
  • we offer complete sealing units for pistons and closing bushings (packing boxes/glands), including sealing rings, scraper rings, guide rings and others
  • FAMUR seals feature compact cross-sectional dimensions and can be applied in cylinders with nominal diameters from 20 mm to over 400 mm

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