FAMUR is a leading manufacturer of roadheaders, continuing the tradition of the REMAG brand. Roadheaders are widely used in coal mining, but also in aggregate mines, quarries, as well as in the cutting of old concrete foundations and in the mining of waste rock on post-mining heaps.

The R-2000 is a roadheader is intended to drill roadheadings of with a cross-section of up to 34 m² in rocks with a compressive strength of up to 100 MPa. The machine can be used underground in coal mines in methane and non-methane fields with „a”, „b” and „c” class of methane explosion hazard as well as “A” and “B” class of coal dust explosion hazard provided that it is to be de-energized at maximum methane concentration increase up to 2%. The roadheader is marked with the CE mark.

  • hydraulic system equipped with the LOAD SENSING system ensuring:
    – lower consumption of electricity
    – lower hydraulic oil operating temperature
    – longer life and durability of hydraulic system components
  • roadheader’s hydraulic system adapted to supply external hydraulically driven receivers with a standard pressure of 12 MPa or 14 MPa, with the possibility of pressure regulation up to 22 MPa
  • surfaces exposed to wear covered with materials with high abrasion resistance
  • central automatic lubrication system
  • visualization system of the cutting process
  • system for monitoring roadheader status and cutting processes and recording them on the recorder
  • remote control system
  • ergonomic control system of the desktop and easy maneuvering
  • wireless remote control system
  • data transmission to the surface
  • hydraulically controlled working platform with a canopy lifting mechanism, used during works related to the heading support works
  • air&water spraying system
rock compressive strength [MPa] 100
maximum cutting cross-section of one machine position [m²] 34
maximum cutting height [mm] 5000
maximum cutting width [mm] 7200
max installed power [kW] 435
supply voltage [V] 1000
weight [t] 60
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