Suspended monorail routes

FAMUR is an experienced and respected manufacturer of auxiliary transport equipment and systems, intended for the haulage and handling of materials and for transporting people. All suspended monorail routes offered by FAMUR  are adapted to be used in areas with methane and coal dust explosion hazards.

Our offer includes a wide range of suspended monorail routes, both for cable cars and self-propelled railways. We offer complete equipment for routes, including straight, curved and transition rails, rail suspensions for steel and anchor supports, chains, rail stabilization elements, turnouts and fenders. The turnouts offered can be used for all types of routes.

The FAMUR offer includes the following types of routes:

  • rails KSP-32
  • rails P-80
  • rails P-85
  • rails P-130
rail profile I 155 I 155 I 155 I 155
maximum longitudinal load of the rail joint [kN] 50 80 85 130
maximum transverse load of the rail joint [kN] 32 50 50 50
max route inclination ± 45 º ± 45 º ± 45 º ± 45 º
turning radius horizontally 4 4 4 4
turning radius vertically 8 8 8 8 or 10
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