The end of 2021 - summary


2021 was a year of many significant events for the functioning and future of the FAMUR Group. New directions and new investments appeared that have a significant impact on the future and shape of the FAMUR brand's business. We also signed significant contracts for the delivery of machines to various parts of the world.



Photovoltaic projects of the FAMUR Group and Projekt Solartechnik with a capacity of almost 58 MW won the RES auction


The Famur Group, together with Projekt Solartechnik, a Group company, announces that it has won all 34 submitted photovoltaic projects with a total capacity of almost 58 MW in the December auction.

Another step towards green transformation - we have joined APQP4Wind


It’s an organisation of the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers.

Membership allow us to have a permanent and full-scale presence in the dynamically growing wind industry, giving us a chance to be, among other things, a full-fledged sub-supplier of such leading manufacturers as Vestas, Siemens Gamesa or GE.

FAMUR signed another contract to supply equipment to Indonesia


FAMUR SA, a leading supplier of solutions for the mining industry in Europe, and Gerbang Daya Mandiri PT, based in Indonesia, signed a contract to supply mining equipment in Indonesia on 30 September this year, for approx. EUR 10 million, equivalent to approx. PLN 46 million. The contract is a continuation of the collaboration of these two companies, which began in 2019.


Our knowledge, innovations and inspirations


Microsoft supports the digital transformation of FAMUR Group


The FAMUR Group, one of the world's leading suppliers of top-class equipment and technology for the mining industry, is in the process of a strategic shift in its operations. With its dominant shareholder, TDJ, it has begun building a holding company to invest in the green energy transition. At the digital level, Microsoft Power Automate will support FAMUR in creating the company of the future.

FAMUR has concluded a programme agreement and is thinking about issuing "green" bonds


On 10 September of the current year, a programme agreement has been concluded between FAMUR and Santander Bank Polska, Bank PKO S.A. and Dom Maklerski BOŚ, which enables the company to decide on multiple bond issues, including the so-called "green" bonds under the Bond Issue Programme, thus taking another step towards green transformation and making a contribution towards sustainable development. The bond issue is unlimited and will not exceed the maximum programme amount of PLN 1 billion.

The 1H 2021 and 2Q 2021 results of the FAMUR Group as a consequence of the ongoing energy transition


The revenue of the FAMUR Group in the second quarter of 2021 amounted to PLN 244 million, achieving an increase of 9% compared to the same period last year. EBITDA amounted to PLN 70 million and the EBITDA margin stood at 29% of revenue. The generated net profit reached PLN 22 million. On the other hand, revenue for the first half of 2021 amounted to PLN 518 million, down by 9% compared to the corresponding period last year. Net profit amounted to PLN 61 million (down by PLN 22 million vs. 1H 2020), EBITDA PLN 161 million (down by PLN 57 million vs. 1H 2020).

FAMUR signed an agreement for the supply of a section of a powered roof support to AO "SUEK-Kuzbass"


On 19 August 2021, FAMUR SA, a leading supplier of solutions for the mining industry in Europe, and AO "SUEK-Kuzbass", with its registered office in Russia, signed an agreement for the supply of a section of a powered roof support to the W.D. Jalewskowo mine. The total value of the agreement is EUR 20 million, which is equivalent to approx. PLN 92 million.

This is the first such contract. FAMUR will deliver equipment to the USA


In August, American company Century Mining LLC confirmed the acceptance of the offer of FAMUR SA for the supply of powered roof supports. This is the first time that a Polish mining equipment manufacturer will supply such equipment directly to the United States.

Another step of the FAMUR Group towards green transition


The FAMUR Group is consistently implementing new strategic directions presented in May this year. On 2 August 2021, the Group, in cooperation with Projekt Solartechnik, concluded an agreement with Energa - Obrót SA for the sale of electricity. This is an important step of the recently established by FAMUR holding which is developing towards green transition.