FAMUR Group invests in energy storage and electromobility. FAMUR Group acquires the IMPACT CLEAN POWER TECHNOLOGY.


FAMUR Group has acquired a majority block of shares in Impact Clean Power Technology - a leading Polish manufacturer of battery systems. This is another step that confirms the implementation of the strategic directions that the company presented in 2021.

With the acquisition of Impact Clean Power Technology - after last year's investment in the photovoltaic sector - FAMUR is entering new areas related to the green transformation, diversifying its business activities.

FAMUR expands its cooperation with Energa Wytwarzanie


The FAMUR Group and Energa Wytwarzanie have signed a cooperation agreement for the repairs and maintenance of equipment necessary for the continuous and efficient operation of renewable sources. In this way, the subsidiary company of Energa of the ORLEN Group is adapting to the current challenges of volatile supply chains, including in the market for wind turbine spare parts. The document was signed during the EXPO fair held in Katowice. This is another alliance between the Katowice-based company and an important entity in the RES market.

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An increase in the FAMUR Group’s revenues in Q1 2022


In the first half of 2022, the FAMUR Group’s revenues reached PLN 550 million, with the net profit at PLN 14 million. In the second quarter of this year alone, the revenues stood at PLN 290 million, an increase of 24% y/y. This led to an improved EBITDA margin which was PLN 99 million in the second quarter of 2022 (an increase of PLN 34 million y/y), and totalled PLN 191 million in the first half of 2022. Cash surplus over gross debt amounted to PLN 349 million. The share in sales to foreign markets was 44%.


In addition, the first half of 2022 was the first full reporting period at the FAMUR Group for the photovoltaic segment which generated PLN 26 million in revenue. The operations in the renewable energy sector resulted from the decision announced in May last year for the company to change strategic directions and enter into renewable energy projects. The objective of the Group’s green transformation is to achieve approx. 70% of revenues from sources not related to steam coal by 2024.

FAMUR Group cares for sustainable development


FAMUR publishes its integrated report for 2021. It is the second document in the history of the Company summing up major financial and non-financial aspects of the Group operations, among which the new strategy plays a key role. Since May 2021, FAMUR has been implementing the Go Green strategy, with the aim to transform the Company in a holding investing in green energy.


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FAMUR increases its involvement in the Solartechnik Project


On July 1, 2022, an annex was signed to the Investment Agreement concluded with Mr. Maciej Marcjanik and FAMUR SA, on the basis of which the FAMUR Group will acquire a block of approximately 14% of shares in the share capital of Projekt Solartechnik SA (PST), thus becoming approximately 52% a shareholder in the target PST structure. The transaction value is PLN 117 million. At the same time, an agreement for the acquisition of shares by FAMUR SA was concluded.


Increasing involvement in PST is another stage in the implementation of the FAMUR Group's strategy, which involves entering into projects in the area of renewable energy sources (RES). Since May 2021, Famur has been implementing a strategy of diversifying its business activities, the aim of which is to transform the company into a holding investing in green transformation and achieve approx. 70% of revenues from sources not related to energy coal by 2024.

Projekt Solartechnik – a FAMUR Group company, sells a portfolio of solar projects for pln 750 million


FAMUR Group's Projekt Solartechnik (PST) will raise a total of up to PLN 750 million in exchange for a portfolio of 184 MW of completed solar projects. The buyer is Spoleto, part of the international independent power generation business Alternus Energy Group (Alternus). This is one of the largest deals by value in the history of the PV industry in the entire CEE region.

The agreement signed today with Alternus Energy Group is the first sale of photovoltaic power stations by PST since its inclusion into the FAMUR Group structures. It comprises the sale of 100% of the shares in 32 special purpose vehicles holding photovoltaic farm projects with a total capacity of 184 MW at various stages of development and the construction of solar power stations based on these projects. PST will also provide aftersales maintenance services for the photovoltaic farms involved in the transaction.

FAMUR Group summarised the first quarter of 2022


FAMUR Group revenues in the first quarter of 2022 amounted to PLN 274 million, thus reaching the level achieved in the same period of last year. EBITDA result amounted to PLN 95 million. Net profit was PLN 36 million and the surplus of cash over financial debt was PLN 482 million.


The first quarter of 2022 for the first time includes revenues from the photovoltaics segment for the full reporting period – its share in the Group's revenues amounted to PLN 10 million. In May 2021, FAMUR decided to change strategic directions and enter projects in the area of renewable energy sources (RES). The assumption behind the green transition of the FAMUR Group is that the company will aim to achieve about 70 percent of its revenues from sources unrelated to steam coal by the end of 2024.

FAMUR and EDF RENEWABLES in Poland are planning to cooperate in the field of renewable energy


The FAMUR Group has signed a letter of intent with the EDF Renewables to confirm the interest of both parties in the possible cooperation within renewable energy sources (RES) area. The companies are considering undertaking joint activities in the field of development and implementation of projects in Poland, including but not limited to wind energy. The signing of the document is another step towards diversification of the FAMUR Group's business activities in line with the new strategic directions adopted in May 2021.

The year 2021 with profit and investments in FAMUR Group


In 2021, the FAMUR Group achieved a revenue of PLN 1,050 million and the EBITDA result amounting to PLN 314 million. Operating cash flow reached PLN 209 million, despite the increase in FAMUR's involvement in the purchase of components necessary for the construction of photovoltaic farms. At the end of December 2021, the FAMUR Group reported PLN 423 million excess cash over gross financial debt. The share of revenue from the domestic market accounted for 66 percent, export business brought the remaining 34 percent. 



The award granted for the green transformation of the FAMUR Group, initiated by the announcement of the company's new strategic directions in May 2021, was presented during the EURO Power and OZE Power conferences. The “Leaders in Energy" initiative aims to recognize projects implemented with innovative solutions and with a management strategy that translates into energy efficiency.