TDJ Group has taken control of Kopex SA The largest acquisition in the history of the sector is completed.


Taking control of Kopex SA by TDJ Group owned by Tomasz Domogała completes the largest acquisition in the machinery industry in Poland. The transaction worth 880 million will allow to continue the restructuring of Kopex Group, which will eventually enable to connect its assets with FAMUR Group. A long-term intention is to build a strong supplier of comprehensive solutions for the mining industry, operating on a global scale.

FAMUR as a participant and partner of the "Górnictwo" Mining Industry Conference 2016


Restructuring in the Polish mining industry and the current situation of the companies operating in the sector and their perspectives for development - these are only some of the topics discussed at the Mining Industry Conference 2016 held on 25 November in Katowice. Among the guests were the representatives of the government, the mining industry companies, trade unions, and experts. FAMUR SA was one of the official partners of the Conference, with the President of the Management Board, Mr Mirosław Bendzera, as one of the panellists.

88% rate of return in 10 years - FAMUR SA summed up the first decade on the Warsaw Stock Exchange


The rate of return of 88%, more than PLN 1.3 billion of paid dividends and also successful acquisitions, continuous extension of product portfolio, foreign expansion as well as high efficiency achieved by constant optimization of management costs - FAMUR SA summed up 10 years from its debut on the Stock Exchange.

FAMUR in the consortium with Kopex Machinery delivered a longwall system for the Tauron Group


The consortium of FAMUR SA and Kopex Machinery SA concluded a contract for the delivery of a brand-new, high-performance longwall system together with auxiliary equipment with Nowe Brzeszcze Grupa Tauron Sp. z o.o. The net value of the contract is PLN 72,400,000.


Our knowledge, innovations and inspirations


FAMUR at the largest mining fairs in Las Vegas


MINExpo International 2016, USA, is the largest show of its kind in the world. FAMUR was one of the exhibitors.

A preliminary agreement has been reached to enable the restructuring of the Kopex Group financial debt


Today, after several months of negotiations, the document called Key conditions for restructuring of the financial debt of Kopex SA and its selected subsidiaries was signed (i.e. term sheet), which defines the direction of Kopex Group debt restructuring. The main objective of the document signed is to steer away the risk of bankruptcy of Kopex Group companies, adjust the financial debt payment terms to a difficult financial situation of the Group and to create opportunities to satisfy claims of financial creditors to the largest possible extent.

FAMUR Group in 'Kopalnia Aktywnosci' Project


‘Kopalnia Aktywnosci’ has just started – a project implemented under the leadership of Rzecz Społeczna Foundation with partners: FAMUR Group, KOPEX Group, TDJ Foundation and Chcemy Pomóc Association. The initiative is a part of The Civic Initiatives Fund Operational Programme of Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy.

Presentation of FAMUR’s offer in Australia


As part of the cooperation of Polish companies providing mining services and belonging to Innovo, the FAMUR Group participated in the Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition in Australia. The QME exhibition that has been organised for 21 years is one of the most important events in the mining industry in that country and the greatest event in the Queensland state famous for bauxite, coal and copper mining.

FAMUR machinery helps to increase the output of the PG Silesia coal mine


Just as in the past year, the comprehensive use of FAMUR equipment contributed to the very good performance results of the PG Silesia mine.

FAMUR is a Golden Payer of 2015!


FAMUR was awarded the Golden Payer certificate for adhering to the highest payment standards in 2015.