The FAMUR Group entered into a cooperation agreement with ABB Poland


The FAMUR Group, a leading supplier of solutions for mining industry in Europe, has signed the cooperation agreement with ABB Poland on 15th June 2018. Both parties will collaborate in the field of modern solutions and technologies creation for Polish and external mining sector. The contract is a natural consequence of forming strategic alliances policy under which the agreements among key companies on domestic and foreign markets are to expand the range of FAMUR’s activities and to build future, long lasting business relations.

FAMUR among Polish companies vying for Indian contracts


FAMUR will cooperate with PFR as well as other Polish companies in acquiring contracts in India. Thanks to the cooperation agreement signed on 15 May 2018, the FAMUR Group, together with Polski Fundusz Rozwoju SA, joined a group of partners made up of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa, Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Kopalń PeBeKa and Indo-Polish Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Participants in the initiative are to cooperate in the procurement of orders on the Indian market in the mining and energy sector by creating a comprehensive offer adapted to the specific nature and needs of its customers.

FAMUR awarded with the ‘Investor Without Borders’ title


FAMUR Group among companies honoured with the "Investor Without Borders" title. The awards were presented during the gala accompanying the jubilee of the 10th European Economic Congress (EEC) that started on Monday (May 14) in Katowice.

FAMUR opens a new chapter following KOPEX formal integration


The process of the FAMUR SA and KOPEX SA operational integration has been completed. By decision of the Court dated as of 7 May 2018, the division of KOPEX SA was registered, which involves the relocation of the machinery section to FAMUR SA - meaning that the legal requirement of the integration is now met. The formal merger of both companies will make it possible to use the potential of synergy and scale effects and offer extensiveness.