The MIKRUS is an innovative longwall system, destined for difficult mining and geological conditions and allowing for mining thin coal seams, using cutting and loading head and the AFC integrally coupled with it. The system is equipped with the GUŁ-500 cutting and loading head with two cutting drums.

The GUŁ–500 cutting and loading machine is designed for bidirectional cutting and loading coal in thin seams in longwall mines, where seams are longitudinally inclined up to ± 35°, and transversally up to ± 20°. Cutting height range is dependent on the cutting drum diameter, ranging from 1.1 m to 1.5 m.

The GUŁ–500 is moved along the sidewall by a haulage system, which is powered by electric motors fed from frequency converters located in roadways. The GUŁ–500 is functionally associated with the system of pipes laid in the AFC supports.

The cutting and loading machine is compatible with the S-850N armoured face conveyor (AFC), whose scraper is 800mm wide and pan profile is 220mm high. The S-850N is equipped with a haulage drive including a chain strand installed vertically on gob-side. It is complemented by the TAGOR-08.5/16-Poz 0.85-1.6 powered roof support of ranging height 0.85 to 1.6m together with AFC correction cylinders.

The GUŁ–500 is fully integrated with the control system of the powered roof support and AFC through master control system. It allows to operate the GUŁ–500 in automatic mode from the monitoring station located in the headgate and/or from underground equipment control centre located on the surface.

Cutting height range 1.1 – 1.7 m
Maximum installed power

  • cutting drum power feed
  • haulage drive
  • winch drive


  • 500
  • 2 x 60
  • 13


Supply voltage 3300 V
Cutting drum diameter 1200 – 1600 mm
Cutting drum effective web/width 600 / 800 mm
Overcut and undercut 50 mm
Haulage force 2 x 320 kN
Haulage speed 0 – 27 m/min
Minimum height above conveyor 850 mm
Minimum height of longwall panel 1000 mm
Weight 19.2 t