It is a drilling set drill mounted on the side of the road header arm. It allows for drilling holes perpendicular to the face. The unit is equipped with a removable mast, which is used only during drilling. In the parking position the drilling set approaches the arm, which reduces the risk of damage. After the drill is turned on, the assembly is controlled from the hydraulic control panel (including scrubber switching on).

Drill drive electrical with impact feature
Drill symbol Hilti TE MD20 drill
Drill power supply parameters 220-240 V, 2200 W, 50-60 Hz
Drill torque 100 Nm
Drill rotational speed 205 rpm
Drilled hole diameters 32-42 mm
Drilled hole lengths max. 2.4 m
Haulage feed hydraulic
Feed speed max. 0.5 m/min
Mast pressure hydraulic
Maximum pressure in the hydraulic system 22 MPa