This tail piece is intended for installation in the gate road in the line of haulage systems from mining faces. They are operated with a suitably selected beam stage loader and a belt conveyor.

FSBE is the basis for beam stage loader and the belt conveyor end turning station. It provides the advance of the beam stage loader to the piece, as well as its belt tail piece. It is used for smooth reloading of transported winning.

It is of segment design, which allows forming the length of the advance piece of the beam stage loader with a single setting. All components subject to wear are made of high wear resistant materials.

The piece is equipped with horizontal and vertical systems of the position of segments relative to each other and the road heading. It also has complete hydraulic controls and power hydraulics suitable to be supplied with oil-in-water emulsion with the operating pressure from 25 to 32 MPa. The control panel is located in a place which guarantees safety and good visibility. Any beam stage loaders with an inside width of up to 1024 mm can be mounted on the piece.

Conveyor belt width 1000 1200 mm
Return drum diameter 500; 630 500; 630 mm
Max. length of the beam stage loader 20 20 m
Piece control type hydraulic hydraulic
Supply pressure 25-32  25-32 MPa
Conveyor sliding force 2070 2070 kN
Single advance stroke 1000 1000 mm