They are intended for preliminary breaking of large lumps moved by the face conveyor. A wide range of height adjustment of the breaking drum above scrapers allows for crushing the winning to the desired size, which prevents its blocking in the reload pouring area from the face conveyor to the bottom conveyor. The face breaker is mounted on the specially adapted connecting pan of the main drive of the armoured face conveyor. The crushing drum height is smoothly adjusted by a hydraulic cylinder.

GLINIK type breakers
Glinik 800 (FRC-8) Glinik 900 (FRC-9)
Motor power 100-160 kW
Gear ratio i=20
Crushing drum speed 75 rpm
Crushing drum width 800 900 mm
Crushing drum diameter 844 mm
Drum height adjustment range (from the line pan deck plate) 400-1500 mm


FAMUR type breakers
Motor power 85 – installed in the crushing drum kW
Gear planetary type installed in the crushing drum
Crushing drum speed 237 mm
Crushing drum width 860 mm
Cutting drum diameter 840 mm
Drum height adjustment range (from the line pan deck plate) 400-1500 mm
 KS type breakers
The power installed 100-250 100-132  kW
Diameter of the crushing barrel 947  mm
Length of the crushing barrel 855 or 970  mm
Rotations of the crushing barrel 180 200  min-1
Rotations of motor 1480  min-1
Diameter of the cylinder of the crushing barrel 660  mm
Max. Span dunder crushing barrel 1500 1100 mm
Driver transmission toothed transmission gear
and friction coupling
planetary gear coupled with platform
Transmission ratio i = 8 i = 7.4
Regulation of the barrel height fluid, by means of hydraulic, servo
Stroke of the actuator 200 – 350  mm
Stroke of the servo from the mine board, oil ans water emulsion having pressure 32 MPa
Feeding pressure of the sprinkling system max. 2 MPa from the fire, pipeline
Capacity depending the conveyor capacity
Assembly site pouring area of AFC unit