The CAM-1 is a flameproof video camera provided with the Ethernet interface.

The video camera is intended for operation in the following areas:

  • „a”, „b” and „c” of methane explosion hazard
  • A and B of coal dust explosion hazard


  • IR illuminator (sensitivity 0 lx)
  • comprehensive network protocol support
  • possible application of various focal lenses
  • possible cascade connection
  • transmission via fiber optic cables
Type CAM-1
Supply voltage 127 – 230 V AC (-15% +10%)
Communication Ethernet 100BaseFX
Field of view illumination IR diodes
View angle 11 – 120 °(fixed local length)
Image resolution 640×480, 320×240
Power consumption 50 W
Permissible ambient temperature 0-40 °C
IP degree IP54
Weight 20 kg
Designation  1453  I M2 Ex d e [op is] I Mb