Diesel locomotive FMS is a combination of simple design and innovative technical solutions. All of this is to achieve maximum safety and reliability at minimum operating costs and ease of use.

The modular design and a wide range of accessories enable optimal configuration of machines for all operating conditions and diverse transport tasks. FMS can be use both for transporting people and heavy materials and machine parts weighing more than 30 t.

Diesel locomotive FMS is characterized by extremely small dimensions and weight, which makes it easy to operate even in a very narrow mine working/heading. Locomotive diagnostic system informs the driver in advance about approaching the values of the critical parameters of its operation. Adequate response to the warnings allows to avoid potential risks.

All operating parameters and generated warning messages are registered in the machine memory.

  • drive wheel anti-slip system
  • automatic fire fighting installation
  • auxiliary compartment with electrical equipment
  • automatic methane detector
  • monitoring system
  • special couplings to push transport sets
  • attachment for rack-and-pinion drive
  • special carriages for installation of brake systems
  • pump capacity control system for external devices
Version 4 drives 5 drives 6 drives 7 drives
Length 10000–11800 10930–12730 11870–13655 12795–14595 mm
Connection length 9320–11120 10250–12050 11190–12975 12115–13915 mm
Width 780 mm
Height 1185 mm
Weigh 4800–5350 5200–5800 5600–6250 6000–6700 kg
Diesel engine power 81 or 95 kW
Pulling force 85 105 120 140 kN
Maximum driving speed 2.6 m/s
Diameter of the drive wheels 340-standard; 350, 360-optional mm
Maximum route inclination ± 30 °
Horizontal turning radius 4 m
Vertical turning radius 8 m
Rail profile I 140E, I 140V95, DT 175, other compatible
Fuel tank capacity 140 l
  • drive wheel anti-slip system
  • independent braking systems
  • energy-saving double pump hydraulic system
  • pump capacity control system for external devices
  • special couplers enabling “pushing” transport sets
  • operator assistance monitoring system
  • rack-and-pinion drive transmission system
  • LED spotlights