This is drilling set with a complete handling chain, which is mounted on a movable rail located above the road header turntable. The machine is designed to work in road headings of arch and rectangular cross-sections. During operation the rail moves over the shearer arm, allowing for drilling and bolting works in the area that does not require human intervention, which ensures safety to users. All drill rig functions are hydraulic, and it is controlled from the operator panel located on the shearer.

Driller drive hydraulic
Driller symbol Drill unit ZN-1143-11 manufactured by FAMUR
Drill power supply parameters 120 l/min, operating pressure 150 bar
Drill torque 750 Nm at 15 MPa, 950 NM at 20 MPa
Drill rotational speed max. 350 rpm
Drilled hole diameters max. 48 mm
Drilled hole lengths max. 2.5 m
Haulage feed hydraulic
Feed speed max. 0.8 m/min
Mast pressure hydraulic
Pressing force 13 kN
Maximum pressure in the hydraulic system 21 MPa