The shunting tractor FEST-15 is a simple machine for driving the suspended sets for material transport. The machine is designed primarily for operation in face fronts, areas of mining faces, material loading stations, assembly chambers. It is an alternative for pneumatic tractors where there is no compressed air system available.

The shunting tractor FEST-15 is designed for operation in methane or dust hazardous areas of underground mine road headings.

The tractor is offered with friction drive and rack drive versions. The friction drive version can be operated on standard suspended monorail system rails made of profile I140 acc. to DIN 20593. The rack drive version can be operated only on special gear racks rails, such as FRPR 100/50.

In addition to the various versions of the tractor drive, several variants of the machine are available depending on the expected operating parameters.

The tractor hydraulic unit is also used to power winches and other hydraulic drive equipment.

The FEST-15 has a modular design that allows it to be operated in a variety of configurations, optimally tailored to user needs.

Motor power 15 kW
Supply voltage 500 – standard, others on request  V
Haulage force  20-80  kN
Maximum travel speed  0.7  mps
Maximum route inclination  ±25 – for transport of materials only °
Horizontal turning radius 4  m
Vertical turning radius  8 m
Rail profiles I 155, I 140E acc. to DIN, I 140V95
Drive type friction or rack