The F3-09Ex intrinsically safe power supplies are provided with two independent, separated output circuits of 12V DC nominal voltage. There are three versions of the circuits available that differ in current capacity (1.5 A, 2.0 A; 3.0 A). Operating status of each channel is indicated by LED diode and the control contact.

The F3-09Ex provides „ia” explosion protection level.

  • two independent outputs
  • nominal output voltage of 12 V
  • current capacity of 1,5A / 2,0A / 3,0A
  • operating status signalling by LED diodes
  • operating status signalling by NO contact
Type F3-09Ex – 1.5 A F3-09Ex – 2,0 A F3-09Ex – 3,0 A
Supply voltage Un = 42 V AC 50 Hz / Um = 24 V DC
Parameters of ex power supply outputs U =13.2 V; In =1.45 A U =13.2 V; In =1.95 A U =13,2 V; In =2,95 A
Uo =13.7 V; Io =1.5 A Uo =13.7 V; Io =2.0 A Uo =13,7 V; Io =3,0 A
Co =8 μF; Lo=90 uH Co=8 μF; Lo=30 uH Co =6 μF; Lo=20 uH
Number of intrinsically safe outputs 2
Permissible ambient temperature 0-70 °C
IP degree IP20
Weight 1.6 kg
Designation  1453  I M2 Ex d [ia] I Mb