FAMAC RSPC II pressure monitoring system for hydraulic legs of powered roof supports. Pressure is measured by the IPS-2 wireless sensors mounted in the distribution block by means of a standard hydraulic connector STECKO 10. The pressure measurement indications are visible directly in the face on the IPI-2 sensors fitted to the support canopy by means of magnets, on the IPS-2 sensors (option), as well as its precise numeric values are displayed on the IPRC-2 remote control.

The pressure values are transmitted via radio from the last powered roof support shield to the first one where this data is received by the IPI–Tm receiver. Then it is transmitted to the MPC underground computer located at the gateway. In the event of the power loss on the MPC computer, the IPI-Tm module acts as a data archiver, enabling recording historical data of pressure values even if the MPC shutdown lasts for several days. The MPC computer data can be transmitted to the surface system for data analysis

  • no wiring between the sensors which results in increased failure-free operation of the system
  • pressure measurement at a frequency of up to 1 second
  • runtime of the system components without replacing the batteries – over 12 months
  • resistance to failures of separate components replaced elements synchronize automatically with operating system
  • quick assembling and installation of the system components
  • system data archiving event in case of the MPC power shutdown lasting for several days
Type  IPS-2  IPI-2 (option)
Supply method battery battery
Communication radio of 2.4 GHz radio of 2.4 GHz
Measurement range   0-100 MPa
Measurement accuracy  0.1 MPa
Measurement signalling LED diodes (optional) LED diodes
Pernmissible ambient temperature  15-40°C  15-40°C
IP degree  IP67  IP67
Weight 0.7 kg 0.35 kg
Dimensions Ø53 x 145 mm  100 x 100 x 65 mm
Designation  1453  I M1 Ex ia I Ma  1453  I M1 Ex ia I Ma