FCL 120

The mining machine FCL 120 consists of a single, short main body, with haulage motor modules installed in the lower part, subassembly components for arm rotation in the upper part and an electric motor to drive the cutting drum.

A characteristic feature of this machine is the arm located in its central part which may rotate by 360°. This design makes it possible to mine coal in an open-end system of short walls, irregular mining lots, residual fields etc., with a height of up to 3.2 m.

Maximum cutting height 3200 mm
Total machine length 2368 mm
Machine frame height 1870 mm
Undercutting min. 200 mm
Additional parameters
Supply voltage 1000, 1140 V
Total installed power 200 kW
Cutting drum motor power 120 kW
Cutting drum diameters 1600-1800 mm
Cutting drum web 630 mm
Haulage motor power 60 kW
Haulage motor power 25 °
Permissible dip ± 15 °
Haulage force 270 kN
Feed speed 0-9 m/min
Maximum shearer weight 16 t