FR 250

FR 250 roadheader is a machine designed to meet customers’ most demanding requirements. The use of advanced technologies allows efficient operation in different geological and mining conditions.

The machine is equipped with modern data transmission systems, radio remote control and sensor system providing accurate diagnosis of work and operating personnel safety. Overload-proof, modern and simple hydraulic system provides trouble-free operation and easy control of the roadheader.

The FR 250 is designed to make roadways up to 4.7 m high, in rocks having compressive strength up to 110 MPa. The machine is designed to operate in underground mines, in non-methane and methane conditions, with a longitudinal inclination up to ±18° and transverse inclination up to 8°, in ambient temperature of maximum +40°C.

  • load-dependent hydraulic system – LOAD-SENSING
  • LED lighting
  • loading stars with independent hydraulic drives
  • automatic crawler tracks tensioning system
  • automatic central lubrication system
  • hydraulically-tensioned 1st conveyor chain
  • anti-collision cutting boom/apron warning system
  • latest generation of electrical system
with transverse cutting head  with axial cutting head
Machine length [A] 10800 11700  mm
 Machine width (apron without extensions) [B] 3610 3610 mm
Machine height without operator shield [C]   1600   1600 mm
Machine height with roof support arch jack [D] 2700 2700 mm
Apron width [E] 3610 3610  mm
Undercut [F] 202 230 mm
Cutting height [G] 4372 4707 mm
Cutting width 6995 6700  mm
Ground pressure 0.147 0.147  MPa
Roadheader speed operating 2.28 2.28 m/min
Roadheader speed tramming 9.60 9.60
Total installed power 362 362 kW
Cutting drum power 150/250 150/250 kW
Power supply/frequency 1000/50 (60) 1000/50 (60) V/Hz
Power supply/frequency 1140/50 (60) 1140/50 (60) V/Hz
Weight 62 62 t


  • sector spraying system
  • hydraulically-controlled working platform with telescopic roof support arch jack
  • sockets for auxiliary hydraulic equipment or tools
  • optional external air-water spraying system
  • radio remote control
  • roof and rib bolters
  • adaptation to shuttle cars