FS 200

FS 200 is a longwall shearer of exceptional construction, enabling operation in 1.0-1.9 thick seams. The machine is compatible with the FFC 750 armoured face conveyor with Eicotrack chainless haulage system positioned at the gob side.

It is applied for bi-directional pocketless cutting and loading of coal in a longwall mining system of seams with longitudinal inclination of up to 35° and transverse inclination of up to 25° upwards and 15° downwards. The haulage drive control is effected by means of an inverter installed in the gate, which improves the maintenance service.
Through the compatibility with the e-mine system the shearer is provided with the function of advanced diagnostics of subassemblies and full monitoring of the machine operating parameters, including the data transmission to the mine surface.

The FS 200 shearer can be supplied in the e-longwall standard along with additional equipment enabling operation in memory cut cycle.

  • ability to excavate highly folded seams
  • Eicotrack haulage system
  • high clearance under the shearer mainframe enabling to transport the mining product
  • FAMAC OPTI 5000 control system with complete diagnostics and integrated radio control
  • ability of automatic regulation of the shearer transverse position relative to the conveyor
  • central lubrication system
  • Memory Cut
  • shearer positioning system
Maximum cutting height 1900 mm
Horizontal distance between cutting drums axes 7366 mm
Minimum distance between driving wheel axes 2940 mm
Shearer body height 680 low version mm
Shearer body height 727 high version mm
Undercut min. 160 mm
Supply voltage 1000, 1140 V
Total installed power 467.5 kW
Cutting drum power 200 kW
Cutting drum diameters 950-1250 mm
Depth of web 900 mm
Haulage drive electric motor power 30 kW
Hydraulic pump electric motor power 7.5 kW
Maximum longitudinal inclination 35 °
Maximum transverse inclination -15 – +25 °
Pulling force 2×385/50 Hz kN
Haulage speed 0-8.0/50 Hz m/min
Maximum shearer weight 27.7 t



  • distributed control system
  • Ethernet standard transmission from the shearer
  • modular shearer control cassettes
  • modular contactor blocks
  • external intrinsically safe modules for solenoid valves and sensors control


  • shearer positioning system in the wall
  • memory cutting
  • data transmission system to the surface