FS 800

FS 800 is a new generation shearer loader, which was developed by combining the advanced technological solutions, expertise, modern technologies and the highest grade materials. Thanks to the modular design transport dimensions are minimised, which did not diminish the powerful capability of the shearer and the ability to work in high seams (mining height up to 6.0 m).

This shallow web shearer loader can operate with a face conveyor with a width of 900 to 1200 mm, equipped with a chainless haulage system type Eicotrack, Megatrac® or Gigatrack. The design of the feed system allows for different shearer heights without changing hauling frames. It is used for bidirectional niche-free coal mining and loading in a longwall system, with the strike of up to 35°, the dip up to 25°, the upwards up to 15° and downwards.

The shearer is designed in the e-mine standard, with the function of advanced diagnostic of parameters and full monitoring of the machine operation from the mine surface. It is characterised by high capacity, reliability and ease of maintenance and operation.

FS 800 can be delivered in the e-complex standard, with additional equipment to work in an automatic cycle.

  • modular design to reduce the transport dimensions of 3.2 m
  • the construction of haulage units is adapted for installing housing sets of different height and width, enabling compatibility and working with the conveyors of various widths (from 900 to 1200mm) and with various chainless haulage systems
  • large area of shearer ground clearance
  • two separate and independent hydraulic systems with the LS hydraulic pumps
  • possibility of mutual backup arrangement of hydraulic systems
  • central lubrication circuit of all major subassemblies
  • internal and external spraying system in a water-air spraying option
  • possible installation of working platforms
  • a headlight integrated into the arm frame
  • modular design of the electrical equipment
  • operation and maintenance service of all components only from the gob side
  • modern solutions for safe operation of the machine
  • large, clear 10’1″ LCD display
  • third-generation control system in the e-complex standard with data logging based on the OPC technology
  • data transmission to the surface
  • advanced self-diagnostics of shearer subassemblies
  • system for positioning the shearer in the longwall
  • memory cut system
  • wireless communication – data readout and the shearer parametrization in the Wi-Fi standard
  • vibrodiagnostic system
  • IR transmitter intended for the EH longwall control system
  • vision system
  • methane concentration measurement system
  • haulage system with return of energy to the power grid by means of three-level frequency converters
  • intrinsically safe external Ethernet service connector
  • advanced motor protection system safety algorithms
Maximum cutting height 6000 mm
Horizontal centre to centre distance between cutting drums 14750 mm
Minimum centre to centre distance between drive wheels 5960 mm
Machine frame height 1500-1900 mm
Undercutting 350 mm
Additional parameters
Supply voltage 3300 V
Total installed power  2435 kW
Cutting drum motor power 500-950 kW
Cutting drum diameters 1800-3000 mm
Cutting drum web 800-1200 mm
Ranging arm type FRA 800
Haulage motor power 2×150 kW
Electric motor power of hydraulic pumps 2×30 kW
Permissible strike ± 35 °
Permissible dip  -15 – +25 °
Haulage force 525 kN
Feed speed 39 m/min
Maximum shearer weight  98 t


  • cutting memory system
  • shearer data reading and parameterisation in the WiFi standard
  • vibration diagnostics system
  • IR transmitter for the EH longwall control system
  • CCTV system
  • system for measuring methane concentration
  • access walkways