The face roof support requires a very efficient hydraulic control system to ensure safe operation of crew and efficient operation of the machine regardless of the operating conditions.

The face roof support control system is made of very precisely operating and highly complex components. To meet these requirements we carry out our own tests, field trials and simulations using the CFD method. By doing so we can offer the customer even the most unusual solutions.

The control system consists of:

  • series of type of control and actuating blocks (so-called separable pilot control) based on the 3/2-way control and actuating distributors
  • series of type of compact type pilot controls
  • series of type of single and controlled dual return valves with replaceable 2/2-way inserts, in order to ensure adequate support capacity of the powered roof support
  • series of type of valve blocks (return valve controlled with the safety valve)
  • series of type of pressure relief (safety) valves
  • quick-release valves (for operating conditions with a risk of rock bumps)
  • series of type of circuit switches, line return valves, filters and other ancillary components
  • series of type of high-pressure lines and multi-conduit lines