Hydraulic drills are intended to make geological-exploratory, methane drainage and protection boreholes in rocks of various hardness by means of a rotary drilling head supplied by a hydraulic unit. Power of the hydraulic unit supplying the drill is between 45 and 90 kW. Parameters of the unit are adapted to the drill applied and they meet customer expectations regarding any additional equipment to be likely supplied from it, e.g. mud pump, rope winch etc.

Through the modular design and structure, the drills may be configured to meet the customer’s demands. A frame the drill is mounted on, may be provided with cylinders enabling adjustment of the setting angle in vertical and horizontal plane. The drills are capable to drill boreholes both from 0 to +90˚ and from 0 to -90˚.

  • modular design
  • rigid and robust frame structure
  • option to apply downhole motors
  • easy change of gripping and releasing device range
  • variety of hydraulic units
  • option to apply intermediate and direct control operation
EZ-WH 100 EZ-WH 150 EZ-WH 200 EZ-WH 1400 EZ-WHR 150
Length 4000 3500 3900 3500 4700 mm
Width 1070 1140 1220 920 1700 mm
Height 1035 1425 1100 870 1500 mm
Maximum drill torque 2900 2900 10700 23700 12050 Nm
Maximum drill revolutions 220 220 180  60 740  rpm
Number of drill gears  2 2  3 3  6
Drill weight without unit  2000 3700  3000 2500  4000 kg
Moc silnika elektrycznego  45 45 75 90  75  kW
Additional parameters
Electric motor power  Ø152/100 Ø152/100  Ø152/150  Ø216/250 Ø95/300 mm/m
Drilling by broaching Ø95/300 Ø95/300 Ø216/100 Ø1630/200  Ø152/500 mm/m


Possible depth and diameter of drilling is depending on series of factors, such as type of cutting tools applied, conditions in the borehole and drilling method or equipment applied along with the drill.